Devbark Construction is known as one of the leading Construction companies in the Western Cape. We specialize in residential construction projects. We pride ourselves on our REPUTATION, QUALITY and RELIABILITY.


Devbark Construction was established in 2015 with an aim to build an industry leading brand.

Placing an emphasis on high quality affordable homes, we have grown to become one of the most recommended construction companies in the Western Cape.

With our morals and ethics firmly in place we have carefully handpicked our team to ensure our clients have the best service possible thus guaranteeing a great building experience throughout.

Our sub-contractors are exceedingly professional and boast multiple years of experience in their respective industries.


Banks calculate the bond amount that you qualify for on ± a third of your gross monthly income – in other words, what you get in total before you pay your taxes, medical aid, pensions and so forth. Your nett monthly income is the monies received after these payroll deductions have been made. If your gross monthly income is R30 000 per month, the banks will allow you to spend ± R10 000 per month on a home loan / bond repayment.

Use the link below to calculate the exact monthly repayment amount that you comfortably qualify for. Always remember to fill in the repayment terms and interest rate.





We have a range of Plot & Plan homes available on the western seaboard of Cape Town. Our current portfolio of plots are based in the following areas:

  • Plots in Parklands North security enclave - (180sqm - 650sqm)
  • Plots in "Sagewood Security Estate" in Sandown (337sqm - 472sqm)

A plot-and-plan sale is when you, as the Client, purchase a plot, have the architectural plans drawn up and subsequently receive a building quote from ourselves, which would lead into concluding building contract. This is then submitted to the bank for finance and approval.

Dream it, Design it, Build it

If you are the current owner of a plot or a piece of land we can assist you to build your dream home. Devbark Construction together with our vast array of reputable architects, engineers and suppliers will assist you through every step of the process.


Devbark Construction is part the Clark Group of Companies. We offer our investors a unique form of property “plot & Plan” investments.

Investors are given a choice of buying a single residential plot or a piece of land through ourselves, therefore becoming a developer themselves.

We are then tasked with finding suitable clients to purchase the plots as a “plot & plan” solution. Investors are reimbursed their initial investment immediately on transfer of the land to the new owner.

Once the construction is complete and an occupation certificate is issued, the investor is then paid their final profits.

It's a simple, low risk, no frills investment solution.

This allows investors the satisfaction of knowing that the land, being the stable asset that it is, is owned by the themselves throughout the sale process. This vastly reduces the investors risk in comparison to other forms of investment.

If you are interested in this form of investment please feel free to read our testimonials or contact us at our offices.


"This has been an amazing experience for us. This was our first home which meant we had very little experience. This could have been very daunting however Andrew and the Devbark team gained our trust immediately. They were there for us as a support system throughout the entire process and always had time for any questions we had. Our entire home was built while we were out of the country and the first few seconds we walked through the door we knew we had gotten everything we asked for and more. Andrew had incredible communication with us and used his own knowledge and experience to ensure we made the right choices and decisions. We are so impressed and feel very lucky we got to work with an amazing company that built us our dream home"
ERF 6706
"We are extremely happy with our new house built by Devbark. Andrew and his team provide a personalized and friendly service. They are very flexible, creative and think outside of the box, which aligned perfectly with our desire for a more modern looking house. We would definitely recommend them"
ERF 6441
"Devbark are a pleasure to work with. Their personal approach and advice is comforting and honest. Their respect for their client's needs are understood and fulfilled. Their building is efficient and do not spare a buck when it comes to finishes"
ERF 6318
"We were very happy with the building process. The selection of materials, colors, lighting etc. was organized and made the process go smooth. Small changes or adjustments on the fly seemed like not a big issue at all. Andrew assisted us with every step and his experience showed. Will definitely recommend Devbark Constructions"
ERF 6442
"Buying a house vs building your dream house. One would think well that's a simple choice rather choose the less stressful route and purchase a house that's been built already. I promise you after a couple of years you will renovate... "this room is too small", "I don't like the colour of these tiles", "lets break this wall to make it open plan." All to familiar. Rather build "Your dream house", with the open plan dining area you would like or the dream kitchen you had in mind or how about the entertainment area that suits you needs, etc.

However, in saying this, the building option can be very stressful if you do not choose the right developer. We have been pleasantly surprised with the service received from Devbark Constructions, right from the very beginning they assist you with your house design, keeping you informed throughout the process. Meetings held to confirm items like roof tile colours, paving colours, house colours, etc. Everything is well organized as Andrew creates a booklet for your house with all the finishing details and additional notes as discussed in the meetings held. Excellent finishes. I would highly recommend Devbark Constructions to build your dream home."
ERF 6337



Head office:
Unit 8, Block B, M5 Park
Eastman Road, Maitland, 7405, Cape Town
Tel: 021 552 7699
A/H: 073 100 9942